Cyberika: a Mobile Action Cyberpunk Game

Claw your way to the top from the depths of the slums of a restless metropolis in a game full of guns, shoot-outs, sports cars, a gripping storyline, and body augmentations.
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[ SEARCHING… ] Bradbury Complex… the year 2084…
Cyberika takes place in Bradbury Complex, a dog-eat-dog metropolis of over three million inhabitants. It was founded in 2055 as a dream of sublime aspirations for a brighter future and a paragon for a world that was developing at breakneck speeds. But then – humanity lost control of its progress.

The game is packed full of quintessential genre components – from stylish to freaky punks, battle robots, cyber-ninjas, ramen stands backdropped by skyscrapers, and lots and lots of neon.
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Sorry, Cyberika is not available on iOS right now
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