Support-A-Creator Program

We'd like to welcome content creators and invite them to join our partnership program! Partners receive announcements early, are advertised to players, enjoy direct communication with our dev team, receive rewards for yourselves and your audience, and much more!

Our partnership program is an opportunity for mutually beneficial cooperation between our studio and content creators. It's an agreement that can help you and your channel develop and can help us support and spread honest gaming.

How does the Support-A-Creator program benefit me?


  • Resources and items that speed up in-game process and makes gameplay more entertaining for your channel's audiences (this option will be available later due to technical limitations);

  • Giveaway items to raffle out among subscribers (this option will be available later due to technical limitations);

  • Direct communication and interaction with the Cyberika team;

  • Be the first to know the dates and details of upcoming updates to prepare timely, relevant content;

  • Help with materials to design and create content (art, video, music, sounds, etc.);

  • Expedited tech support and answers to questions;

Development and growth:

  • Attracting new viewers from the game's active player community;

  • Advertising opportunities in our official informational resources;

  • Opportunity to participate in beta-testing existing and new projects with our studio.

What are the conditions for content partners?

The most important condition is playing our games and creating entertaining content! Content creators have to be interested in our products as our games are fairly complex and require mastering a variety of in-game mechanics.

Run an active channel with at least 1,000 subscribers and an engaged audience. We may sometimes make exceptions if we find creators with fewer subscribers so long as they produce exciting top-quality content.

Create high quality content. We expect our partners to create interesting, engaging content that is easily accessible to viewers; videos accompanied with top-notch audio, a resolution of at least 1280х720 (HD), that fit our studio's aesthetic and ethical principles with minimal required input from our team. We've observed that good Cyberika content is impossible without creators' personal interest and engagement, and we're most interested in content made with a genuine passion and love for our game.

Loyalty to Cyberika and our studio. We expect our partners to approach the game, other players, and the developers with respect and honesty. We're always glad to receive constructive criticism and aren't interested in censoring people's opinions about our hard work. At the same time, we expect partners to create quality, respectful content and communicate their criticism to our team and the Cyberika community with objectivity, never in a derogatory or spiteful manner.

Confidentiality. Any material or communications with studio officials can only be published if expressly agreed to. Any exclusive content not accessible for publication with other partners can be added to your created content only with the studio's express agreement.

Friendliness towards players and social media. We expect partners to be loyal and respectful to Cyberika's diverse and vibrant community. We ask partners to refrain from toxic and obscene language. We understand that obscenity may be a crucial and audience-appreciated part of some creators' content, and we can certainly make exceptions for those with audiences that expect a certain type of content from them.

Honest gameplay. Partners may not under any circumstance use cheats, mods, or hacked versions of the game—we expect the creators we collaborate with to play the game honestly and fairly, as it is made. The same goes for conducting giveaways and contests.

Help us to promote the game. Each video creator is required to use the game's download links provided by the studio in the description.

Breaking the above conditions will result in a partner's permanent exclusion from the Support-A-Creator program and stripping of all associated privileges (possibly including an outright ban on their in-game account).

How can I become a content partner?

We cooperate with others based on the principles of trust and solidarity, so all that's required of you is submitting this application. Filling out and submitting an application will count as your acceptance of the above conditions and acknowledgement that you would like to participate in our content creator partnership program.

We require the information outlined in our application for us to be able to input you into our partner database. Your listing in the database confirms our acknowledgement of you as a participating partner in our Support-A-Creator program.

Applicants will be notified of their official acceptance into the program through personal contact from a studio representative.

Why we want to collaborate with content creators? Developing an influencer base grows our game and the community around it. Quality content created with passion and initiative attracts more gamers and increases Cyberika's potential. We aren't offering monetary compensation because paid advertising simply isn't our style. It lacks heart and honesty. That's why we're searching for genuinely passionate players who love our work and play for their own enjoyment.

Leaving the program means deleting creators from our partnership database and ceasing collaboration based on the above outlined conditions. This can occur due to partners violating the terms of the partnership or due to creators wishing to exit the program voluntarily.

Content requirements

  • Creators' content should have high quality video and sound.

  • Program partners should never in any format or form use, endorse, propagate, example, or encourage the use of cheats, mods, or hacked versions of the game.

  • Content creators may not publish critical game errors.

  • Minor bugs and errors may be published on a case-by-case basis and only with the studio's express and preliminary consent.

In the case of a creator publishing questionable content deviating from the conditions of the agreement, the studio reserves the right to request and demand the deletion of questionable content, videos, and/or recorded streams.

Terms and conditions for giveaway contests

This option will be available later due to technical limitations.

We sometimes pick a few of our partners and ask them to conduct giveaways of in-game items on their livestreams or under their posted videos. The more subscribers you have and the higher the quality of the content you produce, the more likely we are to choose you. We limit our partners' studio-supported giveaways to at most once a week.

How to turn the Streamer Mode and what is it?

Please enter the game menu. There you will find a check-box to turn the Streamer Mode on. The Streamer Mode is a necessary thing for Content Creators as our game contains some of the licensed music. The Streamer Mode will help you to avoid problems with your video monetization. Please do not post videos till the game will be released globally.